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Black 2nd Grade Damaged Fur Felt Cones HF024

Black 2nd Grade Damaged Fur Felt Cones HF024

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1. Grade B Seconds with very minor flaws or none at all.

2. Colours are banded and may vary in shade from the images.

3. Fantastic value. These peachbloom fur felts are factory damaged and we have graded them "B", which means the damage is in the lower part of the crown or edge of the brim, there may also be excessive dye run if exposed to over saturation with water or high heat. The visual faults are usually a small hole or graze in the pile. They are still usable but you will need to be "inventive" with how you use it. Weight will vary from 90g to 140g and size will also vary from 22cm to 30cm. They are still totally usable and are fantastic value. RRP can up to �45, so why not take advantage of this fantastic bargain! Lucky Dips are picked and dispatched at random for colour.

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