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Black Ivory Goose Peacock Feather Mount FM087

Black Ivory Goose Peacock Feather Mount FM087

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1. 28cm long

2. Space cut goose feathers

3. On wire for easy use.

About 60 diamond tipped goose feathers mixed with tonal space cut goose feathers with a scattering of burnt peacock hair are taken to make this feather mount, each goose feather is hand stripped to the spine and scissor cut at the ends to create a stunning spikey finish to each petal, then tonal feathers are space cut to give an airy look, finished off with the elegant burnt peacock. All feathers are then hand mounted to craft wire and can be bent and manipulated to create a stunning feather mount for any hat or fascinator. This feather mount measures up to 28cm (excluding wire) in height and about 12cm width

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