Race Season Style - Grand National

Race Season Style - Grand National

This year, Ladies Day at Grand National falls on Friday 12th April, so it's time to get your outfit together if you haven't already! 

Unlike Ascot, there's no official dress code for the Aintree Grand National, but that's no reason to skip donning your glad rags, if that's what you want to do! Every year hats of all shapes, styles and colours are proudly showcased by glamorous racegoers, so now's the time to get creative! 

Making a bespoke headpiece couldn't be easier, with our range of pre-made bases and feather mounts. 

Feathers are set to be extremely popular this year, as well as smaller shapes like headbands and halos. 

Colour-wise, we all know that Peach Fuzz is Pantone's colour of the year, and you're in luck if you feel like jumping on that trend, as we've just launched two new orangey hues, Seashell and Papaya, both perfect for complimenting your peachy look. Here's our HA080 in Seashell, complimented with our new FM045 in Papaya. 

This simple combination will cost you just £28 for the two pieces. Attach a Double Wire Headband for an additional £1.75 and you've got a bespoke hat for under £30!

There's hundreds of combinations you could make for less than £30, whether you want to stick to classic neutrals, or go bold with contrasting hues. 

Head to the 'bases and shapes' section to start you off and see where your imagination takes you!  



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